Want to give your children and early start in their musical education? This easy-to-master equipment is intended to make them virtuosi in no time. We test the best musical tech designed for kids.

1. Loog Pro Electric

Learning how to play the guitar can be daunting for beginners, but Loog aims to make it fun. The three-string neck on the Mini Pro reduces chords to the basic triad of just three notes, making it is simpler to play any song. It uses the first three strings as a standard guitar and follows the same tuning, and, as a result, everything learnt on this guitar – including finger placement – can be applied later to a six-string guitar.

Championed as the ideal way to get kids interested in music, each purchase comes with set of colourful flashcards with chord diagrams and a free app. The app is structured as a game in which monsters help kids learn chords that in turn will help them learn a host of songs. The show-stopping designs comes in a range of six pop colours including red and electric green, as well as two limited editions.

2. Roadie 2

Guitar tech’s beware, Roadie 2 is after your job. This simply and effective automatic guitar tuner fits over the tuning peg and adjusts pitch three times more accurately than the human ear. And by relying on a vibration sensor, not a microphone, it tunes pitch perfectly (customizable in 0.1 Hz increments from 420 Hz to 460 Hz) even in the noisiest of music venues. Ideal for pairing with that Farallon ukulele.

3. Orange Micro Crush Pix

The satisfying full bass response and built-in chromatic tuner on this mini guitar amplifier will add oomph to an adventurous music session. Its 10cm speaker sits compactly within its 8.5 x 15 x 15cm orange frame, which at 0.8kg and with strap holders either side of its enclosure, is highly portable. Hailed as an amp ideal for home practise or for warming up on tour, it’s powered by a 9V battery for simple plug in and play. It incudes a clean channel for crisp, spritely tones, as well as an optional overdrive on/off that can be used to tap into metal madness. Thankfully, its headphone jack will keep noise levels down after hours.

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