Review of the Joker’s Daughter DC Bombshells statue


It’s been awhile – several months – since I last checked out a DC Bombshells statue, and I wasn’t super happy with that one. It’s time to look at another, with hopefully a very different reaction this time around.

For those uninformed on the concept of the ‘Bombshells’, these are statues based on the designs of Ant Lucia. Having a single designer gives a greater consistency to the overall line, a big plus.

The basic concept takes a comic book hero or villain, and gives them a 40’s retro look. Think wartime airplane artwork, and you’ll have a good idea of the style.

For me, these work best when you can instantly recognize the character, and the retro design makes sense within the context.  The latest release is a bit unusual – the Joker’s Daughter. In the comics, she was originally Duella Dent, daughter of Harvey Dent, who claimed to actually be the offspring of a number of villains. In more recent incarnations, she’s a psycho trying to become the Joker through some pretty crazy means.

This statue will run you around $100 depending on the retailer, and is limited to 5000.

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