Find Out… Hot Crazy Mess

Hot Crazy Mess – a phrase used in many situations is now having a totally new meaning. If you aren’t up to date with the Web trends in adult entertainment you need to know that daddy issuesare being exploited as a niche. Girls with clear interests for older men are taking things into their hands and start their seduction games. Be it their step-dad or a teacher from school. Even a totally random folk from the neighborhood. It doesn’t matter as he is in certain age. All that to end up the meeting with hot crazy mess. These step-daughters are clearly making their point.Take a look at this video:

Hot Crazy Mess – Daughters With Daddy Issues

In this video Vivianna Mulino has recently moved in with one of her dad’s friends who tries to be understanding about his roommate’s lack of giveafuck about cleanliness or finding a job. Having a roommate is a big adjustment for dad’s friend, especially a wild Latina with big boobs and a knack for flashing her private parts all over the house while trash talking her new roommate. When he walks in on Vivianna having phone sex in his bed, he decides that what this hot mess needs is some strict discipline. Turning Vivianna around, he smacks her on the ass and then tells her to thank him for giving her the discipline she needs. Dad’s friend has decided he’s Vivianna’s daddy now, so he takes off her pants to get full palm on butt action. When he realizes how turned on Vivianna is getting, he whips out his cock and slides it home in her tight little twat.Vivianna realizes she likes her new roommate dynamic, so she whips out her large boobs and pushes them together for a titty fuck followed by a deep throat blowjob. When she’s done loving on her roommate’s dick with her mouth, she hops up on the counter to let him bang her as he admires the way her jugs jiggle with the force of his thrusts. Dropping down to her knees, Vivianna lets dad’s friend cum all over her face

Zits Pop N’ Play Pimples

zits-pop-n-play-pimples-165x150What It Is
If your zits are real, they’re an annoyance. But if they’re a toy, they’re ewwww so gross. The Zits Pop N’ Play Pimples are toy zits that kids can stick on their faces and then pop to release a zit goo. Each pack includes 25 zits stickers, plus one bonus temporary tattoo – of something gross, of course. All of our tattoos were of bugs.

The zits stickers come in different sizes, kind of like real zits, and all you do is peel off the backing and place a zit on your skin. Using one finger, push into the zit from the bottom to the top for the best pimple-popping feature. You can also use two index fingers and squeeze each side of the zit to make it ooze.

Is It Fun?
These are pretty gross, which is why they’ll be fun. It combines the social media fascination with pimple popping and the slime trend in one gross toy for young kids who like gross things. Those kids will have fun popping their pretend pimples and squishing and stretching the ooze to gross out their parents, siblings, and friends.

Who It’s For
The Zits Pop N’ Play Pimples are for ages 6 and up. These will appeal to kids who like gross things.

What To Be Aware Of
Do not use these toy zits around the eyes. Use them below the cheekbone or above the brow line. Not all of the zits were easy to pop. In our testing, it depended on the placement of the zits on our face, the size of the zit, and how much of the zit goo was packaged inside the zit sticker.

Boxy Girls Willa, Brooklyn, Riley, Nomi, and Fashion Pack Review

What It Is
boxy-girls-165x150There’s a new line of dolls, BOXY GIRLS! The collection comes with four fashion forward poseable dolls you can collect separately; Nomi, Brooklyn, Willa and Riley, each Boxy girl comes with 4 shipping boxes which are waiting to be opened by your child. Each package can include anything from makeup, shoes, bags and more! The surprise package, which is easy to open, comes with confetti and the accessory inside.

Is It Fun?
These are very on-trend and brings both the unboxing and collectible trends into the play, which enhances the traditional doll play. All dolls are posable for more play and additional packages can be bought separately.

Who It’s For
All four Boxy Girls are suited for children 6 and up.

What To Be Aware Of
These dolls are sold separately and more boxes to unbox are sold separately.

Lost Kitties Series 1 Review

What It Is
lost-kitties-165x150Lost Kitties is a new line of collectible adorbs cat figures from Hasbro. But these aren’t just kittens inspired by kittens, as all cat lovers know, each cat has a mind and personality of its own. And that’s just the inspiration behind this new line of collectible toys.

The Lost Kitties Blind-Box Singles feature blind-boxed kitten characters packaged inside mini milk cartons (think: the lunch room/cafeteria kind). Kids will have to open it up to find out “who’z hidin’ inside?”

This is series 1, which, for 2018, features 36 different Lost Kitties to collect. There are 8 Lost Kitties kitty squads with 4-5 kittens in each squad. Kitty squads include #Noms, #Cattitude, #Workinit, #Ififits, #Adorbs, #Scaredycats, #Cathletic, and #Notfelineit.

Open up the milk carton, and start digging, quite literally, through the Play-Doh-like compound. Hidden in the compound, you’ll find your blind-packaged kitten, two accessories for your kitten and a sticker of a meme depicting your kitten. The compound also serves as a hint as to how rare your collectible Lost Kitties may be: white= common, brown=rare, and pink=ultra rare.

Is It Fun?
This is an adorable new line of collectibles that taps into the fun of unboxing, and pairs it up with adorable and unique cat characters. Cats in general are the type of animals that just lend themselves perfectly to adorable and oftentimes hilarious memes and internet videos, which also makes this line perfect for social sharing. This is one kitty squad we think kids are going to want to be a part of #kittensquad.

Who It’s For
The Lost Kitties are for ages 5 and up from Hasbro. Kids that like unboxing will enjoy digging through the dough compound of these blind boxed toys to get to their surprise kitty character. In addition we think kids are going to have fun making their own meme-worthy photos and gifs with these Lost Kitties.

What To Be Aware Of
Neither the packaging nor the collectors guide clearly states the different degrees of rarity for the cats, we used our deductive reasoning skills (read: we counted them) to figure out which color compound corresponds to the common, rare, and ultra rare characters.

The best toy for adults is a hot video!

Many adults are just big children, and sometimes they want to play and have fun. Some go to the store and buy a plane on the radio, while others go online and watch entertainment videos for adults. Just for these people on the Internet there is a special website on which there are dozens of hot and candid videos. This video is for adults, so remove the children from the screen, now you will see a short fragment:

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Barbie Ultimate Kitchen Review

What It Is

barbie-ultimate-kitchen-165x150The Barbie Ultimate Kitchen playset from Mattel is a 20-plus piece kitchen playset for Barbie with doll included.

The kitchen features three large workspaces that attach together with ease. On one end, there’s a counter with built-in cutting board that flip up to mold the included dough compound into different veggies, such as carrots, broccoli, mushrooms, and tomatoes. Underneath is a mini fridge and along the side are hooks to hang your cookware.

The center counter features shelving on the bottom and on top has a sandwich press and built-in fryer. Each can be used to mold all your sandwich and fry needs. For example, simply add some dough to the fryer then lift the top and press down to make fries.

The final counter features an oven and electric stovetop built in with lights and sounds. Add some dough to the pie pan and place it in the oven. Then press down the side lever to press your pie. The oven timer will ding when your pie is ready, much like a toaster. On the stovetop, press the buttons and a red light will display to simulate heat. Press the buttons a second time for sizzling and boiling sound effects.

The set also comes with five one-ounce containers of dough compound in reddish orange, yellow, white, green and beige/brown as well as additional accessories for food prep and mealtime, such as a spatula, serving spoon, tongs, knife, frying pan, pot, bowl, and serving places.

The included Barbie doll has the original Barbie body type and comes kitchen ready with her ensemble. She wears a stylish polka-dot apron, a blue “jean” dress, and white sneakers.

Is It Fun?

Barbie is tapping into yet another hands-on role, as master baker and chef extraordinaire, with this doll playset. Girls especially will get to recreate  the fun moments they see both Barbie creating in the kitchen on Neflix series, Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures, as well as the grown-ups in their own life. We also like how this playset works to inspire kids to food prep through hands-on tactile play (thanks to the dough compounds!) and that cooking and baking in the kitchen can be fun.

Who It’s For

The Barbie Ultimate Kitchen playset is for ages 4 and up. It will appeal to Barbie fans as well as kids that love to roleplay with their dolls. Maybe you’ve got a child that loves to mimic what they see the adults in their life doing in the kitchen: baking, chopping up veggies, boiling water on the stovetop, making an epic sandwich. This doll playset allows kids the chance to do these things, only on a smaller scale, and with dough compound for added tactile play.

What To Be Aware Of

This Barbie doll can stand on its own thanks to her sneakers, but she is only posable at the neck, shoulders and waist. Young Barbie fans probably won’t care too much but it can make pretending use of the kitchen tools with the doll a bit frustrating at times.

Three AAA batteries, along with some adult assistance to install said batteries, are required. Batteries are not included. A small screwdriver is required for battery installation.

Nerf Laser Alphapoint Ops Pro 2-Pack Review

What It Is

nickelodeon-slime-light-up-slime-165x150You’ve never played a home laser tag game like this before, and, wow, are we excited. This is the Nerf Laser Ops Pro Alphapoint. It’s available as a single blaster or in this two-pack.

Nerf Laser Ops is more than just a typical laser tag game, it’s an entire system that encompasses competitive play, team play and solo play in a sophisticated and engaging experience. The centerpiece of the system are the blasters. The blasters work on infrared, and one of the key elements of the play is that opponents are trying to tag the blasters rather than each other.

The Alphapoint blaster, like all Nerf blasters, is excellently designed and well balanced for active play. Each blaster takes 4 AA batteries. After you’ve installed them, turn on the power, select indoor or outdoor play, and you’re ready to go. (The indoor/outdoor feature makes the most of the infrared beam that powers the competition.)

Choose the mode in which you want to play by hitting the reload button on the bottom of the blaster handle to cycle through your options. You’ll see the color in the indicator on the top of the blaster. Purple is free-for-all, or you can choose to play as the red team or the blue team. This is great for multiple players. Once you’ve selected your play mode, pull the trigger to start the game. Then, get moving. The blaster fires an infrared (IR) beam, and it’s got great distance and accuracy. As noted, it’s designed for indoor or outdoor play, and while many IR toys don’t work well outdoors, we found this one to be very satisfactory.

Since you’re tagging the blaster, rather than other players, you have to be quick and strategic. Your goal is to hit the red receiver dome on the top of your opponent’s blaster, and you’ll see it light up when you score a hit. You’ll be able to see your health and ammo levels from the indicator on the back of the blaster. When you’re out of ammo or health, hit the reload button to set yourself up again. You’ll be able to see the health and ammo levels in the screen on the top of the blaster. If you run out of either, hit the reload button to reset.

If you want to significantly expand your play–and why wouldn’t you?–download the free Laser Pro app that works with select iOS and Android devices. When you open the app, you can connect your blaster to it by bluetooth. You’ll name your blaster from the pre-selected list. There’s a lot going on here, too, and the app introduces a feature we’ve never seen in laser tag before–solo play.

Attach your phone to the blaster with the solo attachment and the armband, and start it up. The solo game uses augmented reality, so your goal is to take out attacking drones on increasingly difficult levels right in your living room, or wherever you’re playing. As you reach higher levels in the game, you unlock more features in your basic blaster.

For team play, choose the multiplayer option. You can pull together as many as 64 players in one game lobby, identify teams and choose the length of the game. And, not all players need to have a smart device in order to play. For those who do, put the armband on the opposite arm than where you’re holding the blaster, and you’re ready to go.

This doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of the level of fun and engagement this system delivers, but this is a rich laser tag experience that delivers a great play experience powered by elegant technology and an excellent value.

Is It Fun?

Fans of laser tag will be very excited to get their hands on these blasters. The combination of great technology and outstanding gameplay make this the best home laser tag system we’ve seen yet. The blasters are great on their own, and the addition of all the bells and whistles (and beeps and buzzes) in the app add dimension to the competition.

We particularly like the app feature that leaves players disabled after they’ve been hit a number of times, and the ability to set the length of games. Plus, you won’t get any arguments about who was hit or not; the app knows everything.

The solo play element is ingenious. The game is fun, and it allows you to upgrade your blaster, giving kids a reason to play, even if they can’t get other players at any given time.

Who It’s For

Nerf Laser Ops Pro is intended for kids ages 8 years and up.

We think that it will appeal to any laser tag fan who is looking for an outstanding play experience. We can definitely see this appealing to older kids, college students and even adults.

What To Be Aware Of

In play testing, parents were happy that the play requires kids to tag the blasters not each other.

The armband can be a little awkward to put on, you may need help from a friend, but once attached, it’s very stable. As always, there’s an element of risk when you use a device in active play, but this one works very well. The silicone-like construction is stretchy secure and comfortable. It fits a wide variety of devices. When you put your device in, be careful of where the straps hit the buttons, and make sure that it’s tightly connected before playing. There is always an element of risk involved when playing with a device in this way. We were able to attach our phones with the protective covers on. The app works with select Android devices and iPhone 6 or later.

Dr. Pimple Popper Pimple Pete Game Review (Spin Master)

What It Is

Help Pete pop his pimples, but watch out for the Mega-Zit! That’s the object of the new gross-out game Pimple Pete. Kids takes turns spinning the spinner to see where on Pete’s face they have to pull out a squishy, rubbery pimple. If they pull out the pimple without bursting the Mega-Zit, they get to keep the pimple to add to their Pimple Points. Each pimple is marked with a different point value, based on how difficult it is to “pop”. But be careful because if you trigger the red Mega-Zit in the middle of Pete’s nose and it bursts, you get sprayed with water and receive no pimple points for the round. Refill the Mega-Zit plunger with water and keep playing until someone scores the winning pimple point total, as determined by the number of players there are.

Or you can play where the player who bursts the Mega-Zit is automatically eliminated, and the last player standing is the pimple-popping champion.

Is It Fun?

It’s easy to learn how to play this game, but because you can only see the heads of the pimples in Pete’s face, you don’t know if the pimple you’re going to pull will be an easy one or a hard one. And once you touch a pimple, you’re committed. You can’t change pimples! This is a suspenseful and disgusting game that plays into the pimple-popping trend. It even has the endorsement of YouTube star Dr. Pimple Popper herself! This will definitely be a fun and silly game for kids who like gross things.

Who It’s For

Pimple Pete is for two or more players ages 5 and up. Kids who like gross-out humor will enjoy playing and picking this game.

Pomsies Review (Skyrocket Toys)

What It Is

Wouldn’t you love to have a pet that you can take with you anywhere? With Pomsies, you can! These wearable virtual pets have long fuzzy tails that wrap around your wrist or backpack. As you play with Pomsies through touching the nose and hidden sensors in the head and mouth, you’ll hear 50 different reactions and even feel it when they purr. The color of their light-up eyes lets you know how to care for them. For instance, yellow eyes means hungry and blue eyes means sneezy, coughing, or shivering.

You can even play a Freeze Dance game with your Pomsie by pressing and holding the nose for one second to switch to the game mode. When you hear the whistle blow, shake your Pomsie to the beat of the music. The faster you shake, the faster the music plays. When you hear another whistle, freeze.

Each Pomsies pet also comes with a brush for keeping the tail fluffy. The brush handle clips onto the tail so you don’t lose it.

There are six different characters to collect: Blossom, Boots, Patches, Pinky, Snowball, and Speckles. Each is sold separately.

Is It Fun?

These are really cute and fluffy, and kids who like playing with stuffed animals will like wrapping a Pomsies pet around their wrist for lots of nurturing and interactive play. It’s fun to see the different things that Pomsies can do, from vibrating when they purr to tooting. And kids will have fun bringing their Pomsies with them wherever they go.

Who It’s For

Pomsies are for ages 4 and up. These will be cute toy pets for kids who like stuffed animals.

What To Be Aware Of

Each Pomsies comes with one AAA battery for the in-store try-me features, so you might want to replace it before you play for best results.

If you press and hold the nose for three seconds, your Pomsie will fall asleep

YouTube’s highest earner: seven-year-old makes £17.3m in a year

US toy reviewer Ryan beats UK’s Daniel Middleton to the top spot for highest earnings
1200A seven-year-old American boy who reviews toys has topped a list of the highest-earning YouTube stars after making £17.3m in a year.

Ryan, from Ryan ToysReview, made the sum for his online reviews between June 2017 and June 2018. Since launching his main channel in 2015, Ryan has amassed more than 17 million followers and close to 26bn views.

The online sensation Jake Paul was second on Forbes’ list, with £16.8m. His raps and jokes were viewed more than 3.5bn times over the 12-month period.

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The sports entertainment group Dude Perfect made £15.7m and Daniel Middleton, who specialises in the popular Minecraft game, was fourth with £14.5m. The British gamer has been playing the building game on camera for several years and also has a line of merchandise.

The top five was rounded out by the makeup artist Jeffree Star, who made £14.1m.

Forbes measured pre-tax earnings from 1 June 2017 to 1 June 2018, without fees for agents, managers and lawyers being deducted.

YouTube: TV is our fastest-growing market
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According to the magazine, the vast majority of the money made through Ryan’s channel came from adverts that run before his videos start. It said such ads accounted for about 96% of the revenue – or about £16.5m. It said the remaining money came from sponsored posts.

Its analysis suggested that Ryan’s channel was more focused on the so-called pre-roll ads, which are more valuable the more viewers a channel has, than those of other YouTube stars. While his larger audience accounted for his higher earnings, it also means his channel’s revenue could be more susceptible to fluctuations in interest levels.

The channel was set up by Ryan’s parents and the videos usually focus on the child opening and playing with a new toy – serving as a review for his audience, which Forbes said was mainly made up of children about his age.

Asked why they were so successful by NBC News recently, Ryan said: “Because I’m entertaining and I’m funny.”

According to Forbes, due to his young age, 15% of Ryan’s earnings are placed in a special account, in which they are protected until he becomes an adult.

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